Queen City Trivia

February 26, 2018

According to the United States Census, the Charlotte metro region is growing by upwards of 40 people per day. This kind of record breaking growth brings newcomers to our fair city, a city with its own brand and identity. Transplants will soon love the unique intricacies of the Queen City and will come to find that we do things a little different down here in the South.

Recently, Charlotte Five produced a list of 27 signs that you’re new to the Charlotte area. We picked a few of our favorites!

  1. Sir Purr sounds like a punny name for your furry friend
    Nope… it’s the lovable mascot for the Carolina Panthers NFL team. While we’re at it, our other sports mascots are as follows: Hugo for the Charlotte Hornets NBA team, Lug Nut for Charlotte Motor Speedway, and then Chubby, the familiar face of the Charlotte Checkers hockey team.

  2. You think the only nightlife or entertainment options are in Uptown
    This is a common misconception perpetuated by other big cities in America. Generally, most of your things-to-do are located in the heart of a city’s downtown– but not Charlotte! While Uptown is definitely a hub of activity, the Queen City is literally surrounded by little pockets full of amazing things. Check out South End for their award-winning restaurants, Dilworth for boutique coffee shops and yoga studios, or the trendy shops and bakeries of NoDa. (That’s North Davidson, FYI.)

  3. You’re just as confused by the weather as we are
    Charlotte has four seasons: Pollen, Summer, Humidity, and one snowy weekend. Every Spring, the Bradford pears bloom brilliantly white for about a week and then everything gets a thin sheen of yellow. Summer lasts forever and then our mild Winter produces roughly one snowy weekend where everything shuts down and all the stores are void of bread and milk.

The weather is interesting enough to claim more than 1 spot on the original listical. To read the full list, check out Charlotte Five!